July 20, 2008

Sirusho vs. Madonna

Even after the final part of eurovision Sirusho is still in top played songs at clubs, at least in Moscow. I knew about it, but was shocked yesterdayy: me and my brother where at the club in Moscow hanging out with friends, then all of the sudden, the first lyrics of "Qele, Qele" filled the whole club. The feeling that only both of us were Armenians at the whole huge club, where were approximately more than 600 people, made us scream. We thought may be someone found out we are Armenians and ordered for us?! Apparently not!!! If that happened once or twice and not more than 6 times per night we could understand. The funniest thing is that Madonna has recently released a new song which is one of my favourites, was played only once. We are happy for Sirusho and for us too!!



artmika said...

not only in Moscow... Greece, Portugal, London... ;)

reunionpi said...

Madonna's state tax liens, Alex Rodriguez's tax liens, Jose Canseco's tax liens and judgments, Dennis Rodman's federal tax liens


Aram said...

Now if I could only get California to even think about playing Sirusho in our clubs. Or any Eurovision artist for that matter.