January 7, 2009

Silver & Gold party

Deem Communications and its partners, Aftershock productions and Square One , hosted their annual Silver&Gold party at Square One on January 5th, 2009. It was a unique event when we remembered our old and kind times. Somehow people were comparing this party with Monte Cristo and they still miss that club, because it was the first Armenian club where we could feel totally free, even dance on the tables.
Square One is a lovely place for us, they are very friendly with customers. I recommend this restaurant as a friendly place with yummy cuisine.
Also I would like to mention that last several years' best events Armenia are being organized by Deem Communications.

Mostly I am happy that both Square One and Deem Communications are not homophobic. During the party nobody hurt that sweet gay couple while they were hugging and dancing together.

As Deem Communications mentioned: "Silver&Gold will be the First REAL Party of the Year". And it was true. Thanks to organizers, hope such parties will find place more often. Deem Communications helped us to start a real Happy Year.

Mamikon Hovsepyan

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Raffi Niziblian said...

Thanks Mamikon. I enjoyed it and so did a whole lot of young Armenians and their guests.
We welcome EVERYBODY to our events. That's why it's always liberating and fun!
thanks for the kind words. I am sure SQ1 will also be happy to learn about your comments.