September 24, 2008

PINK Armenia launches Information Center in Yerevan

Official launch of the PINK Information Center in downtown Yerevan took place on September 12, 2008. The office is conveniently located near the Yerevan State University.
"PINK Information Center"
40 Charents str, apt. 45Yerevan, Armenia
tel. +374 10 556946
Working hours: 11am-19pm
Working days: Monday-Friday

There were many guests invited from different organizations and countries. During the event the president of NGO gave short information on PINK’s program and policy, presented the main activities, successes and future plans.We collaborate with local and international human rights related and other relevant NGOs, as well as some governmental agencies, particularly, the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow and the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs.

PINK Information Center has began developing a library of relevant literature, leaflets, booklets, CDs/DVDs, educational materials in Armenian, Russian, English, other languages which we intend to expand into a comprehensive and useful source of information on LGBT related issues, STI prevention (with the special attention to HIV/AIDS) and so on. Any help in this regard or other support for PINK’s activities will be highly appreciated.

For this article we used the material from Unzipped: Gay Armenia


Anonymous said...

Hi i think that this is one of the first steps to be an openly gay person in Armenia and to be agree by the government and the people.

PINK Armenia said...

Actually we don't have that "gay" agreement with the government. The main topic of collaboration is sexual health

Colleen said...

I am excited to see a gay and lesbian organization in Yerevan. I'm american and these sorts of centers were vital to my coming- out. Congratulations and Good Health!!