February 1, 2008

Winter Blitz News

21-27 January, 2008
Tbilisi, Georgia
Millenium Development Goals
Pink Armenia was invited to Georgia for MDG Conference. The meeting was organized by Georgian UN Association.


20 January, 2008
Gyumri, Armenia

Expo 2008
Expo 2008 of local and international NGO's was organized in Gyumri, January 2008. PINK also took part in that event and presented the main projects.


14 December, 2007
Yerevan, Armenia

PINK Armenia is officially registered
PINK members created the main project in September 2007 and started to collaborate with local and international organizations, organizing tranings, pesentations and events. Finally we were officially registered in December 2007,


02 December, 2007
Gyumri, Armenia

Live talk-show about sexual minorities
Tsayg TV company organizaed a live talk show about the sexual minorities in the frame of the program "Tesankyun". The main guest of that show was the president of PINK Armenia NGO. The program was broadcasted in Shirak Region.