December 25, 2012

The 5th anniversary and the new era

On December the 21st we celebrated our 5th anniversary which headline was “The beginning of new era”. Achievements and success of the organization during five years are not only the result of the efforts of the staff and volunteers, but also our partners and supporters have their unique place in it.

In five years inserting our roots in the basis of democracy-building, we have concluded a period in the history of civil society, and now we are entering a new era and begin it with a new breath.

We celebrated our 5th anniversary, but the founders of the organizations have been involved in civic activism for 10 years.

2007 became the year when founders decided to create an organization which was supposed to go through a difficult way, and a work should have been done, that had not been implemented in this scope yet. Due to our efforts on December 14, 2007 we received registration certificate and understood, that there is no way back, PINK should have its big input for development of civil society and establishment of democracy.

The path of the organization during its 5 years of activities hasn’t always been smooth. Many challenges that we faced during these years constantly brought with them new questions and concerns. But the answer is obvious: “that which does not kill us makes us stronger”, – as Friedrich Nietzsche would say.

Happy New Year dear friends, may this year bring you luck and great achievements, and feel you hearts with warmth, peace and joy!