October 29, 2008

ONE year with us, ONE year with *PINK*

Hi, I am Mamikon. Last year I created a group in Yesoudo.com. Long time couldn't find a proper name for this group, finally we discussed with friends and choosed the name: "Armenian LGBT Community". You can see there that we had different topics to discuss and there were so many oppinions and suggestions from all of Yesoudo members.

Then me and my friend Garri decided to create a nice project for Armenian LGBT community. It was in October. We had so many ideas and dreams but didn't know how to make them come true. Finally we thought to register an NGO and start to work in the frames of our project. Our third friend, Arthur joined us and we registered our organization officially.

We call it "Public Information and Need of Knowledge", to have the abbreviation PINK.

"PINK Armenia" was born in December 14, 2007...
Thank you all for you support
Thanks for being together
PINK loves you!!!