August 22, 2013

CivilNet video-report: We are pretty intolerant

picture from the CivilNet videoBased on the report:

In Armenia, many people do not want to live next-door to couples who are not married, speakers of other languages, or people who are disabled or wealthy. Ninety-four percent also do not want to have neighbors who are gay.
  • A large majority of Armenians, more than 80% said they would not want their neighbors to be drag-addicts, AIDS patients or alcoholics.
  • Lots of people would also not want their neighbors unmarried couples (48%), speakers of other languages (28%), people with disabilities (37%) or rich (29%).
  • 94% would not want their neighbors to be gay.
  • 70% do not want neighbors of a different religion.

Another survey also conducted in Armenia in 2012 showed that the main reason for intolerance is lack of communication and unfamiliarity with other cultures. This is the primary reason for intolerance in mono-ethnic countries such as Armenia, where more than 90% of the population is Armenian.

We deserve better!

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sources: CivilNet and Unzipped: Gay Armenia