February 8, 2009

PINK is online


PINK Armenia started online activities since 2007, even before official registration. We have opened web-groups in social networking sites to reach out to the wider audience: MySpace, Facebook and Odnoklassniki pages; Armenian LGBT Community discussion group on Yesoudo; videos in Youtube. Soon after the establishment we started blogging.
Today we are happy to announce about our official website which you can see very soon. For all of these we highly appreciate our friend's help, who creating the website, chose the domain for us. This is the biggest gift that we ever had and it's going to be the beginning of a new stage for PINK.

February 1, 2009

Making the ribbon

First time in Armenia people were ready to make the Red Ribbon with their faces, to be open for society. This poster we used for the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day.

This world is for everybody

Here we present another social ad, which is created by the students of Yerevan State University. This video is one of their final term works, as they will graduate the University and become social workers. Marine, Nvard, Nare, Anna and Lusine started to shoot this video from December 1st, we managed to find time and take part in it, though all of us where so busy especially that day.
We appreciate their professionalism and proud of their bravery, happy to see more real social workers next to us.

English text of the video*

- Being homosexual is not a choice,
- Being infected with HIV, doesn't stop me being your friend,
- By denying me, you don't help me to leave drugs
- I am a sex worker...
- My mother is the best mother in the world
- We all are equal, this world is for everybody