August 28, 2009


Iravunk newspaper says
Ministry of Sport-supporter of propaganda of homosexuality?

There is an NGO in Armenia named PINK Armenia, which declares its main objective to be fighting SPID (AIDS in Russian) by providing relevant information. However, as it appears, this organisation can morally carry the role of SPID (AIDS in Russian) as on the frontline of its web page the organisation (August 20) we found out a material that glorifies homosexuality and degrades the ones fighting against it, amongst mass media.
And right next to the frontline article, on the left side it lists its supporters: Ministry of Sport and youth of Armenia and the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow. Well, it is not a surprise that one of the Armenian Ministries actually acts as a supporter of propaganda of homosexuality. As they say, ‘no comments’. And we are looking forward to the official response of the Minister on how such shame could happen. Besides, we address a question to the Ministry, on what is the support they are providing and if supporting such shameful organisations is the function of mysteries.

PINK replies

Dear Mr. Galajyan

This letter is following the article"Mynistry of Sport - supporter of a propadanda of homosexuality?" published in 'Iravunk' daily issued on 25 August, 2009. We highly appriciate your interest in our organisation, however, let us make some remarks on the content of your article. Firstly, we see dire need to clarify the mission of our organisation for you, which is "Prevention of STIs (sexually transmitted infections)' and by no means propaganda of homosexuality. You could kindly obtain further information on the objectives of PINK Armenia here.

Secondly, we would like to drow your attention to the fact SPID (AIDS in Russian) is not transmitted and we do not educate on how AIDS is transmitted.

Seeing your vast interest in our organisation, its activities and mission you are kindly invited to attend our organisation as well as an educational meetings with our other visitors. Please, feel free to follow our organisational calendar and contact us for an appointment.

We look forward to hosting you in our information centre,
Kind regards
Mamikon Hovsepyan

August 19, 2009

Each illiterate gives him/her right to express an opinion

You know now I’m sitting trying to express my opinion about Armenian journalists’ illiteracy and permissiveness on a sheet of paper but when I remember what kind of people they are I just can’t find words to fully describe, but anyway I’ll try...
It’s a pity but again l have read a homophobic article in an Armenian newspaper lately. Getting acquainted with the authors writing style I remembered fragments from my work experience with mentally ill people as the author were periodically trying to touch different topics not keeping logical connection and of course trying to devote the most part of his article to the slander of homosexuals.
It makes an impression that our journalists don’t have any other topic to write an article, don’t have any other way to get the name of cool people and also earn a few coins more. Each illiterate gives him/her right to express an opinion about the issues concerning which he/she doesn’t have any idea. I think that it is meaningless to explain that kind of narrow minded people what human dignity, respect, philanthropy and these kind of high ideas mean.
I don’t know why but almost all journalists mainly discuss the topic of homosexuality, I don’t know why but they never remember that there were and are many outstanding people among them, they just insist that it is amoral. It is evident misinformation of the society.
I don’t think that people deserve respect when they have an opportunity to provide information to wide masses and do it by spreading their personal opinion besides that when they dare to perform it in statistical indicators without taking into consideration the real opinion of the society.
I won’t forget to mention that in the last article that I have read was a call to abuse and even kill homosexuals. I think that many will agree that appropriate punishment must be applied toward such people. Fortunately there are already brave and courage activists who are standing behind those who need help and support and with the help of their activities are trying to ensure worthy life for everybody.
I consider it my duty to inform all the people who have fallen behind of the world’s events, all the more journalists and people who confidently announce that homosexuality is a disease and say that in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality as a mental disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which was adopted by World Health Organization too.
Concluding I would like to say stop violating others right to have private life and lets use our energy and time to do constructive steps.


August 5, 2009

Masculinity and stereotypes

If you are creative and have art works about masculinity, participate in our exhibition. You may make your submissions until 18 September 2009. For details, please, see the poster or visit our official website

August 3, 2009

VivaCell-MTS and Armenian Red Cross Society Together for Humanity

On July 31, 2009 VivaCell-MTS and Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS) joined hands to address humanitarian challenges facing the state and society. The two Organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding for this purpose during a press conference at the Headquarters of the Armenian Red Cross Society.

Because we care! A notion that gathered the efforts of two of the biggest organizations in Armenia: The Red Cross ARCS and VivaCell-MTS. Both having the best interest of the support of vulnerable groups at heart, joined hands for the society’s welfare.

The long term cooperation between the ARCS and VivaCell-MTS will start with a very vital cause, the fight against the HIV virus, the millennium’s merciless evil. Realizing the importance of awareness in prevention of the virus, the two organizations come together to raise population’s awareness on prevention of HIV/AIDS. The activities will be multi-staged and will involve a wide range of educational events: spread of information materials, public events, etc. Within the framework of the activities, all kind of print materials with brief information on HIV/AIDS and alarming messages and guidance tips and advises will be available to all the Armenian society to benefit from.
“Today VivaCell-MTS and Armenian Red Cross Society have come together to join their efforts to address the needs of the most vulnerable population and to provide them with reachable and effective support. Join us, don’t stay indifferent to the pain of others”, mentioned in the speech the leader of the Armenian Red Cross Society.
“We owe our society the right to know! With knowledge and awareness we can better prevent and fight any disease. Awareness and prevention are each and every one’s responsibility and tolerance is required when dealing with HIV cases. Because we care we are here today, what about you?” asked VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

The press conference started with a very significant yet meaningful action taken by the leaders of both organizations, together with their staff of volunteers, who did a blood testing with the purpose of HIV investigation

source: VivaCell-MTS