February 1, 2009

This world is for everybody

Here we present another social ad, which is created by the students of Yerevan State University. This video is one of their final term works, as they will graduate the University and become social workers. Marine, Nvard, Nare, Anna and Lusine started to shoot this video from December 1st, we managed to find time and take part in it, though all of us where so busy especially that day.
We appreciate their professionalism and proud of their bravery, happy to see more real social workers next to us.

English text of the video*

- Being homosexual is not a choice,
- Being infected with HIV, doesn't stop me being your friend,
- By denying me, you don't help me to leave drugs
- I am a sex worker...
- My mother is the best mother in the world
- We all are equal, this world is for everybody


Tom said...

Very very nice video. Nice texts, nice guys and girls. I love you PinkArmenia. You are the best.
My congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

Caroline said...

shat huzich yev anhrajesht material e! hargankners!

marina said...

Barevner bolorin!!!
Es Marinen em, ays soc govazdi hexinakneric mek@!!!
Nax shnorhakalutyun lav commentneri hamar!!! Sa mer arajin ashxatanqn er!!!
Ev xorhurd ktam Evain /"Aravot" terti lragroxin/ ev nra koxmnakicnerin naxqan irenc tgitutyun@ cucadrel@, aravel evs hasarakutyan mej ayd tgitutyun@ sermanel@, texekanan xndro ararkayi veraberyal, nor irenc iravunq verapahen voreve karciq arthaytelu!!!