August 19, 2009

Each illiterate gives him/her right to express an opinion

You know now I’m sitting trying to express my opinion about Armenian journalists’ illiteracy and permissiveness on a sheet of paper but when I remember what kind of people they are I just can’t find words to fully describe, but anyway I’ll try...
It’s a pity but again l have read a homophobic article in an Armenian newspaper lately. Getting acquainted with the authors writing style I remembered fragments from my work experience with mentally ill people as the author were periodically trying to touch different topics not keeping logical connection and of course trying to devote the most part of his article to the slander of homosexuals.
It makes an impression that our journalists don’t have any other topic to write an article, don’t have any other way to get the name of cool people and also earn a few coins more. Each illiterate gives him/her right to express an opinion about the issues concerning which he/she doesn’t have any idea. I think that it is meaningless to explain that kind of narrow minded people what human dignity, respect, philanthropy and these kind of high ideas mean.
I don’t know why but almost all journalists mainly discuss the topic of homosexuality, I don’t know why but they never remember that there were and are many outstanding people among them, they just insist that it is amoral. It is evident misinformation of the society.
I don’t think that people deserve respect when they have an opportunity to provide information to wide masses and do it by spreading their personal opinion besides that when they dare to perform it in statistical indicators without taking into consideration the real opinion of the society.
I won’t forget to mention that in the last article that I have read was a call to abuse and even kill homosexuals. I think that many will agree that appropriate punishment must be applied toward such people. Fortunately there are already brave and courage activists who are standing behind those who need help and support and with the help of their activities are trying to ensure worthy life for everybody.
I consider it my duty to inform all the people who have fallen behind of the world’s events, all the more journalists and people who confidently announce that homosexuality is a disease and say that in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality as a mental disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which was adopted by World Health Organization too.
Concluding I would like to say stop violating others right to have private life and lets use our energy and time to do constructive steps.



Anonymous said...

That homosexuality is anti-Christian and amoral, I totally agree and anyone or any newspaper has the right to free speech.

That homosexuality is an abnormality and is curable I also believe it.
It is true that in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality as a mental disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).
BUT read here how it happened

It was a political and NOT a scientific decision.

That said, I don't condone the killing of homosexuals under any circumstances.That's not free speech anymore.

Conclusion: Live and let live. But don't censure the opinion of many who are anti-homosexual. It's their right.They're entitled to it.

sexgenderbody said...

I have to take exception to just about everything that "Anonymous" just stated.

First, let me say that it is an act of cowardice and brutality to call homosexuality as amoral, etc. while hiding behind "Anonymous". If your beliefs have any real merit, you should fix your name to them. As far as I am concerned that is like inciting violence from a crowd, yelling and encouraging the persecution of others but not stepping out to be known or accountable.

Second, that website you quoted is a piece of religious propaganda filled with lies and sales pitches for their way of separating the world into people they approve of and don't approve of.

Finally, what the heck is 'anti-Christian'? With all the religions in the world, many of whom are convinced that theirs is the correct one - what makes you think that being 'anti-Christian' is relevant. What if Christians are praying to the wrong God? What if all religions are praying to the wrong God? What if the bible is nothing more than a bunch of fairy tales that were passed down through generations, written into one language then translated several times into others and edited for content by people that were making a lot of money by telling people that they were working for God?

What if there is no freakin' god whatsoever and we only live one life? What if, when we allow mobs of people to humiliate, intimidate, persecute and vilify homosexuals it is only because we are afraid to defend them for fear of being attacked as well?

Satenik said...

Oh wow! That was one intense essay.

I am one of the biggest pro-gay-rights protagonists in Armenia, one of the few people to write pro-gay-rights articles in Armenia as well as in the state of Utah, the Mormon capital of the world, if you will. Both of these environments are predominantly patriarchal and, therefore, GLBTQ-intolerant. On a personal level, it drives me nuts. On a professional level, however, I realize there is nothing I can do about it. There will always be people who will believe in gay rights, and people (like our lovely anonymous fellow above), who will think that homosexuality is a disease, just like others who think women should not have equal rights to men or African-Americans are second-class citizens. Dearest author, rage will not get the GLBTQ too far. Look at the history of African-Americans in USA. Did they accomplish anything through a course of violent action? No. Instead, there were people like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X who educated the public about the issue. Allowing your emotions to overtake your mind, you become no better than people, who spread hatred towards 'non-straights.' Taking affirmative action, on the other hand, will educate the people and leave them confused, "Maybe they are not so right after all?" By letting others judge you by your sexuality, you are eliminating all other features that make you an individual. Please, don't.

P.S. I am straight and this has nothing to do with my sexuality and purely my opinion. I hope I didn't offend anyone.