February 22, 2016

Trainings, Queer Talks and Discussions on Transgender Issues

In February, PINK Armenia conducted trainings on Social Justice with 32 attendees, and hosted several events for LGBTQ people. During the newly initiated Queer Talk series, participants form their own agenda for discussions. “Queer identity” and the first Armenian LGBT novel by Armen Ohanyan-Mommyland:Flag, about three friends: Nar, a transvestite who has been beaten and kicked out of his home for wearing women’s clothing; Sam and Ando, gay men whose romance ends with Sam’s death in the army, were discussed in February. During a discussion on transgender issues, trans people, together with their fellow LGBQ friends, discussed the challenges and discrimination they face both from the wider society and the LGBQ community. Overall, 58 LGBTQ people took part in events organized in February.

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