January 21, 2009

Woman kills husband in Makurdi, Benue State, for having sex without condom

COURT spectators in a Makurdi Magistrate Court got the shock of their lives when a housewife confessed that she hacked her husband to death for daring her for sex on a night she was not keen to do it without using a condom.

Mrs. Agbase Nenge Agidi whose reason for terminating the life of her husband was because he was HIV/AIDS positive and wanted to have sexual relationship with her unprotected which she frowned at.

The suspect told the court that they had worked out how the husband and her could have sex which was duly accepted by both of them, but explained that she was shocked when on that penultimate night, he decided to have it against the established rule.

The woman recalled in tears how the late husband lost his usual calm when desperate about it and she resisted him because her acceptance could spell doom for her, which aggravated the already charged husband into assaulting her physically with all the strength in him.

Mrs Nenge who is already cooling off in the prison, said it was at the point when her husband got hold of a cudgel which he used on her that she realised that she was already in danger and had to fight back for her dear life.

After struggling with her husband to get rid of the cudgel which she eventually did, to protect herself from further attacks, she mistakenly hit the husband on his head and he slumped and died.

The late Nenge’s wife admitted during cross examination that she hit the husband on the head which led to his death but explained that it was due to an act of provocation from her late husband who initially attacked her when he knew he had flouted the rule and it was not safe for her to have sex without condom.

source: Odili.net

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