January 22, 2009

NGO exhibition in Gyumri

Non-profit organization exhibition-conference took place on January 18 at the Youth Center of Gyumri. PINK Armenia and Women’s Resource Center also participated in that event from Yerevan, presenting our mission and partnership with Gyumri. Real People, Real World NGO couldn’t take part but we presented their organization as well as their new Center in Gyumri.

First time we distributed our new booklets and flyers during this event.

After the exhibition, representatives from the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affair, US Embassy and Eurasian Partnership Foundation presented their projects in Armenia, suggesting participants to apply for grants.

The next section of presentation was provided to local NGOs to present their mission in Armenia and connection with Shirak region. This section was opened by PINK Armenia, where we first time show our own videos and socials ads. Then we talk about our collaboration with NGOs dealing with sexual health and we presented our best partner – Women’s Resource Center. All the participants liked their ideas and activities, also several NGOs were ready to start their cooperation with them. The most exciting point for us was presentation of the World AIDS Day 2008 project, where we show small videos and the main poster, which show the benefits of our partnership.

In the end of event organizers conducted thematic discussion by 3 topics, suggested by all the participants: “sexual health and safe sex behavior”, “youth cultural, educational and intellectual possibilities” and “historical and cultural memorials”.

Event was concluded successfully. Participants left the event with hopes to gather more often and make the Youth Center more active and useful. For all of this we want to thank Mr. Sergey Gabrielyan for conducted this annual event.


belinda said...

Thanks for mentioning us ;)

Isabella from Eurasia Partnership

artmika said...

Good to know about collaboration with other NGOs.

Mamikon, did you present also LGBT part of your work? If yes, what was the reaction?

PINK Armenia said...

We didn't present LGBT part as a part of our work, but during discussion we discussed several taboos about women, Armenian families and mentality, also we touched sexual orientation and human rights.