March 18, 2009

Young guy could be raped at the army

We were informed by e-mail that a young guy ran away from the army on March 17th, because officers understood that he is gay and they wanted to rape him. The situation is out of control, he is hidden somewhere now and waiting that in the morning police will make a search.
We are trying to clearify and in case to protect him.
Unfortunatly we still don't have any news, can't find him and don't know what's going on. Just we know that the guy is really scared, he didn't leave any contact that we can find him.

March 19

As we were informed, the guy was taken to military police, lawers and human rights office were taking care. There was a problem with his relative who couldn't understand who is helping the guy, who is trying to rape, they offended wrong people.
They will change his place and he will contitue his military service in a different place. Yes he will continue, as he announced that he is not homosexual.
The truth of this story is still in the darkness, who is who and what was going on, the officer(s) will be punished or not?

this is not the first case, we advise you to watch the video material from AGLA NY


artmika said...

Horrific news... :(

Please, keep us posted.

lala said...

It seems to me that there would be new attempts in the new place, besides, once he escaped there would not be "pleasant" attitude towards this guy in the new unit. Human rights activists and/or lawyers should be in constant contact with him.

PINK Armenia said...

Dear Lala, thanks for your respond.
I guess we and other lawyers di our best. But we can't go further as that guys denied everything, maybe under the pressure of his relatives.