March 17, 2009

The 1st Golden Okra Awards in Turkey

Turkish NGOs and movie ciritics evaluating movies and givin "Golden Okra Award"
The Golden Okra is an award that has emerged as a result of our desire to speak out in resistance and criticism against the overwhelming predominance of the patriarchal perspective and male gaze, the continuing constriction of space for women, the fostering of false myths about and perceptions of women, the re-production and re-presentation of sexist perspectives, and the force-feeding of this discrimination to the point that it is perceived as a natural and common truth, in Turkish cinema.
Evaluating Turkish films released during 2008 from this point of view, the Golden Okra preliminary jury has announced its candidates for the 1st Golden Okra Awards.
It is their hope that sexism in Turkish Cinema will decrease, with help in part from the Golden Okra Awards, and that in the years to come, they will be unable to find any candidates for this symbolic award...

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