March 25, 2009

We lost him...

Our best friend, professional lawyer, father of two daughter, wonderful husband for his wife, amazing person passed away on March 24, 2009.
More than 2 months he was at the hospital No. 6. He was receiveing treatment of lungs as he caught cold at the beginning of winter. This is not the first time when doctors don't have enough knowledge and professionalizm to treat people well, usually they treat only the symptoms.
Last month I visited Davit, he was feeling good and his doctor already let him to go home. After a week, maybe more, I heard that he had strange headache and he went back to the hospital. Later I tried to call him but his phone was turned off.

He helped so many people, he saved so many lifes but nobody could save his life...

Davit was a human right activist, he was worried about everybody's safety. He was doing his best for equality, freedom and democracy.
David was working in Tavush region with a human rights NGO, also he was keeping in touch with us all the time, protecting rights of our members and beneficiaries.

I am sorry that I couldn't see you long time, couldn't hug you and say: "Thank you Davit for being our friend, thank you for your great work".

We love you Davit, you are in our hearts

Mamikon Hovsepyan and all PINK members


artmika said...

So sorry to hear about this... RIP...

Mamikon said...

We were calling him happiness, cause he was always making us feel better. He was full of life and joy.

Rest in peace my friend