July 4, 2008

Youth, reality, perspectives

The Center for Organizing Youth Activities with the financial assistance of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs organized a youth conference “Youth, reality, perspectives” aiming to activate and enlarge the Youth information field, and foster links between the youth NGO’s, as well as with the governmental and international organizations.
During the 3 days of the conference (25-27 June, 2008) an exhibition-fair “Idea Market” presented NGO’s of Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk, and also those governmental and international organizations whose activities interact with the youth. The “Idea Market” helped about 90 organizations to present their history, activities, and plans. A special designated area and facilities were provided on request.PINK Armenia was one of those lucky organizations that presented the activities and future plans. The conference gave a good chance to find other partner organization to collaborate with. We are happy to collaborate also with government. As a first step we started our work with the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and it’s 10 Youth Centers in each region of Armenia.


artmika said...

Are there any specific plans or details of this collaboration with the Ministry? What does it involve?

PINK Armenia said...

Nowadays the best collaboration is that we can do our regional trainings in their youth centres. They have nice conference halls in each Armenian region.